Announcing Our WeRAISE Cohort

We are delighted to introduce the group of women entrepreneurs who will be joining The RAISE Collective’s first WeRAISE cohort!

We’ve brought together these outstanding entrepreneurs with the purpose to connect with a supportive peer group and a team of WeRAISE advisors to champion them through the challenging process of raising capital.

Along with our team of partners and advisors, we look forward to supporting their leadership and growth.

Meet the seven ventures that are currently

raising under the WeRAISE program.



PARC Swimwear
It is our mission to portray women as they really are. Passionate, Adventurous, Resilient and Creative. PARC Swimwear is about empowering women to get outside and go after it. Whether your passion is paddling, surfing or swinging from vines, we hope provide you with stylish, comfortable, well made swimwear that makes you love how you feel so you can do what you love.

Renée Safrata

Vivo is an HR Tech company that analyzes and solves workplace productivity issues. Our proprietary algorithm and platform first assesses team and leader behavior, then identifies critical areas for improvement. The platform provides targeted digital and continuous training solutions for agile teams and leaders proven to activate talent and empower employees.


Quupe (it’s pronounced “koop”) is the easiest way to rent almost anything from people nearby. We’re a web and mobile platform launched in 2017 by four students from the Centre for Digital Media. Our mission is to enable the world to share resources.

Merideth Schutter

PROtect is a personal safety app that recruits the user’s friends, family and co-workers into their own personal protector squad. Our system operates on a proactive model, so instead of reaching out for help once they’re already in trouble, a user’s protectors are automatically notified of a potential alert situation if the PROtect user has not given the “all clear” after the end of their pre-scheduled event.

Oana Papuc, Anna Heyd and Vivian McCormick

Flax Sleep
Flax Sleep was born when we identified a gap in the Canadian online retail market – namely, a lack of quality bedding at a reasonable price point, available in Canadian dollars and not subject to foreign currency fluctuations, excessive duties, and high shipping costs. Our goal is to provide consumers a simple offering of French linen bedding shipped direct to their doorstep cutting out traditional retailers, and therefore reducing cost.


Nano-Lit is a Quantum Dot technology company that delivers next-generation lighting solutions, which enable improved colour purity, higher energy efficiency, flexibility, and lower costs. Our highly tuneable light is as rich as sunlight, and adjusts in real time to provide the human eye with the optimal environment for focus, efficiency, and circadian rhythm maintenance.


At AMY we believe in creating beautiful spaces that inspire YOU, so You can inspire that what is important to YOU. We make it easy, fun and affordable to create whole room makeovers that express your style. We use an online platform that scans your room and makes design suggestions based on your likes. Then when you are ready for your dream Oasis, our experience team will set up and create your make over in one day. There is a NEW way!


Thank you to all our partners for making WeRAISE possible — we appreciate your support!
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