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Who we are

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The RAISE Collective exists to support female founders who are raising capital by creating community and curating investment opportunities through Female Funders, an investing community aligned with our values.

Changing the ratio

We seek to improve the gender ratio in innovation, investment and funding by supporting female entrepreneurs in their capital raising goals. We seek to support connections of capital, mentorship and collaboration.

Growing a diverse capital pool

Female Funders offers an investor accelerator program for corporate and technology executives, empowering more women to become the investors of tomorrow. Greater diversity of investors will bring new products and innovation into the world by supporting a broader range of entrepreneurs.

Supporting capital raises of women-led businesses

Through Female Funders, we support female entrepreneurs on their journey to raising capital, curating investment opportunities in an inclusive environment.

Only 5% of Canadian tech startups have a female founder.

Statistics Canada, 2014

Female founders’ companies out-perform their male peers’ by
in terms of creating value for investors.

First Round 10 years, 2017

of VC firms with all-male investment teams exclusively funded ventures with all-male founding teams.

Statistics Canada, 2016

There were 521 board seats in Canada in 2016, and only 76 were filled by women; that’s only 14.5% of the available seats.

Toronto Star, 2016

Raise Collective and Female Funders host events and programming for new & experienced investors, as well as founders. Want to learn more?

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The Raise Collective

The RAISE Collective was created to change the gender ratios in investing, by reducing perceived barriers to entry and creating a community to share access and knowledge. We believe that when there is balanced gender representation and inclusion amongst investors and founders, it will propel us to new heights in innovation and technology.